What is the 'user activation' email I receive when I email support@jonahsystems.com?

Each time we receive an email to support@jonahsystems.com the Helpdesk creates a ticket and files it under the email address you used to send us an issue. This automatically creates for you a username using your email address. For example:

John Doe sends from his email address johndoe@example.com a request for help to support@jonahsystems.com --- our Helpdesk receives this email and creates a user 'johndoe@example.com' and then sends John Doe a 'user activation' response giving John the option to log into to the Helpdesk directly.

What is the benefit or purpose of using a login to access the Support Desk? 

The main benefit is for you to help you track with your submitted ticket/issue(s). Every new email you send to the desk will create a new ticket and file it under your email address (provided you use the one you normally use) giving you organized access to your entire ticket history with us. Otherwise, you'd have to track our responses via your email software, which isn't always the most efficient way to track as you'd have to sort through all of your other communications.

How does the system know what issue I am responding to?

When you send an email to support@jonahsystems.com the Desk will use the Subject line as the unique identifier. When we respond to you from the Desk, and you respond back, the system will then know how to file that incoming mail based on the Subject line. There are some best practices to ensure this works correctly, you can find that in our Helpful Tips section.