We have first-class website availability, so there is a likelihood that your site is not actually down. A site that is 'down' usually has to meet two conditions:

  1. Not loading on desktop machine/laptops using office/home internet or Wi-Fi.
  2. Not loading on mobile devices using carrier signal, not Wi-Fi

Things to do BEFORE you contact us:

  • Make sure that another site is loading for you (google.com), if not, check your network/ISP to make sure it is still connected
  • Using your mobile device on 4G/LTE+ --- see if your site loads. If it does, then your site is not down. Your office or location's IP address may be blocked due to a security concern. Contact support@jonahsystems.com so we can help you.

The most common cause of not being able to see your own website is a "Firewall Block." Occasionally, activity at your location could trigger something that our servers would want to protect itself against. If this is happening to you, simply create a support ticket with your site's URL, and your location's IP address (this can be found at http://whatip.me) letting us know you cannot see your site, etc.

We will promptly look into the situation and assist you in being able to see your website again. Contact us directly at support@jonahsystems.com