It is always a concern when visiting a website and nothing happens, or it shows content that is unexpected. As website hosts, we are all too familiar with how things like this happen and better yet, we know how to get it fixed.

Helpful things to KNOW when you contact us that will help us confirm your experience and advise on a solution:

  • Make sure that another site is loading for you (, if not, your connection to the internet could be the issue
  • Using your mobile device's carrier signal --- see if your site loads. If it does, then your site is not down. Your office or location's IP address may be blocked due to a security concern, so the next thing to do is...
  • Visit and type 'what is my ip?' and be ready to provide either/both IPv6 and IPv4 numbers they will provide for you
  • Contact so we can help you with next steps.


Simply put, viewing your website requires two items: a domain, and a website that the domain points visitors to that contains all of your content, etc.

Jonah Digital provides the site that a domain points visitors but domains are often managed by another third party vendor (e.g. GoDaddy) and will require their support most of the time. We have working knowledge of domain hosting to help you draft a communique for your domain provider, if necessary.

The common causes of a website going or appearing down are the following:

  • The domain has expired and needs to be renewed with the domain host
    • This can be solved by renewing the lease on your domain with your provider
  • The domain's DNS configuration is no longer using Jonah Digital's A record
    • This can happen because the domain expired, or if the third party administrator makes a change to the DNS that removes our A record from the domain
    • Contact and we can look to see if this is the case
  • The internet in general, is having a bad day
    • This does not happen very often, and can be limited to specific areas, but the internet is a series of large providers and smaller providers creating a literal web of indirect providers. If a main provider has issues (e.g. Amazon Web Services) then every provider that relies on Amazon Web Services for delivering content will be impacted to include smaller providers that rely on them for delivery
  • The site hosting service (Jonah Digital) is experiencing issues with their provider
    • We will actually know about this pretty immediately. We use uptime monitoring at multiple levels so that any issue that affects service can be addressed as soon as humanly possible with our vendor/provider
    • Similar to when a big provider has issues, we also from time to time might have to endure technical difficulties or maintenance from our server providers that impact the user experience on our products
    • Contact and our team can confirm whether or not this is the case