We have first-class website availability, so there is a likelihood that your site is not actually down but unavailable to your location. A site that is 'down' usually has to meet two conditions:

  1. Not loading on desktop machine/laptops using office/home internet or Wi-Fi.
  2. Not loading on mobile devices using carrier signal, not Wi-Fi
  3. DNS no longer resolving Jonah's site hosting service (more on this below)

Helpful things to KNOW before you contact us:

  • Make sure that another site is loading for you (google.com), if not, your connection to the internet is the issue.
  • Using your mobile device's carrier signal --- see if your site loads. If it does, then your site is not down. Your office or location's IP address may be blocked due to a security concern.
  • Visit google.com and be ready to provide either/both IPv6 and IPv4 numbers
  • Contact support@jonahsystems.com so we can help you with next steps.


The most common cause of not being able to see your own website has to do with server security. Occasionally, activity at your location could trigger something that our servers feel necessary to protect itself against.

The next common cause of not being able to see your website is incorrect DNS configuration. This is from the account where you purchase/manage your site's domain name, and is where the settings are located for making your domain direct people to the site we have built with you.*

Your Jonah site requires only two DNS records to be 'live': the primary A record, and a record for 'www'. We've provided two common examples of that here:

  •  Example 1: Where @ equals the base domain
    • A > > @
    • A > > www
  • Example 2: Where @ equals the base domain
    • A > > @
    • CNAME > www > @

*Jonah is primarily a site host, so domain issues are usually going to be handled by another vendor, but our team does have several years experience with domain hosting so we are able to offer the necessary expertise in getting the solution you need from your domain provider.