*Please note that the Popdown Manager is an add-on feature to the Jonah CMS and does not come standard on all products. Contact support@jonahsystems.com for pricing.

The Popdown module is a useful to let your visitors know about upcoming events at your property, or any special promotions that are being offered. It also allows you set a date and time for how long it should display, and gives you options for how often it should display.

  • Log into the CMS
  • Select the Popdown menu item
  • Click Add Popdown Item
  • Choose your layout style:
  • On this screen, in the Content section you can specify Title and Content that will serve as the text-only popup
  • In the Images section, you can upload a background image to be used for the text-only popup, OR if you have an 800x600 sized graphic that communicates your current promotion. *Please note if you add an Image, it will override your text-only popup.
  • In the Button section, you can elect to have users go directly to the floorplans page, or directly to your leasing portal, or anywhere you specify.
  • In the Scheduling Info section --- in order for a popup to work, it must be Active --- next, you have to specify for how long you want the popup to display on the site using the date/time selectors --- finally, you have options for how often a user can see this popup when visiting your site. The most frequent display setting is Once Per Hour.

Following is some notes about Scheduling Info, particularly what the Recurrence (how frequent) means:

Once per browser session: This is based on a few things, mainly your personal browsing habits and whether or not you reset your browser's history and cached data regularly. If you never ever close your browser, and you frequently visit a particular site --- chances are the site will treat you as though you never left it so the sessions remains open indefinitely which means you will miss any information that is released per session. Most browsers can be set to clear browsing data when the application is closed/exited completely.

By Hour: Everything is based on per session, but what this setting will do is put duration tracking on how long the session has remained open, and will display the popup once per refresh per time specified. You can choose from as often as every 1 hour, up to once per week.