What is property integration?

Property integration is where your Jonah site, through an Application Program Interface (API), can connect to your Lease Management (integration solution) company and display either pricing and/or also availability and drive your leads to start an application/lease. We currently support API integration with RealPage (particularly OneSite), ResMan, Entrata, and Yardi.

Can the Jonah site manually update pricing and availability without using integration?

Our products do not independently control pricing and availability data. Our role is display-only based on a data feed that originates from your property's integration solution. If you need to change prices or update availability data, it will need to be done directly through your integration solution. Your Jonah site will update automatically at the next syndication cycle.

We updated our prices in our integration solution, but our site is not showing our changes, why?

Changes made to the feed data are subject to a syndication cycle where the data gets pulled to your website every few hours. If you make changes to the data feed that need to be pushed sooner, send us an email with your property name and URL to support@jonahsystems.com and request that we run your data feed.

Why is the floorplan data feed only pulled twice per day?

This is limited only to what is automatic. APIs have rate-limits whether explicit or implied that we do our best to respect by pulling data automatically only when necessary, and at the best times of day, the morning and again in the evening. Our experience working with integration solutions and feedback from the multifamily community generally agree that twice per day is sufficient as it virtually guarantees current data at the start of business, with the day's activities being accounted for later that evening.

Can we pull our floorplan data feed manually, or does Jonah have to do it?

Foreseeably, that option will not be available outside of Jonah administrators. Our import schedule with respect to your integration solution is limited in the amount of times per day a request can be made to pull the feed data. Generally, feed updates are made at minimum twice per day, morning and evening to account for leases made during business hours, and leases made during off-hours.

Why is pricing on the website not matching the leasing portal?

Pricing in the leasing portal is usually based on price per unit. The pricing on the website may be using the price of the floor plan itself as defined in the integration solution. Typically, this could be addressed by adjusting floor plan pricing data to reflect the cost range of available units.

Leasing portal pricing may also include concessions or additional amenity fees in the final cost of the lease. However, the feed data only provides the unit's rent amount.

If your integration solution includes unit data, your Jonah site can use the unit data and build the floor plan pricing range based on lowest and highest rent amounts.

Additionally, since integration creates a price range based on unit availability, the lease term may also be factor. Verify with your integration solution that they are only using lease terms that you actually offer for the property. Our experience has shown that sometimes a lease term exists in the feed data that will skew the pricing range lower or higher than expected.

The cause of this will vary depending on client and integration solution being used (including whether or not the property is using floor plan pricing only, or if they are using unit pricing), so send an email to support@jonahsystems.com with the following details:

  • Floorplan name
  • Expected price or price range
  • Unit number (if applicable or if using an LRO)

The price range for a floorplan on our site does not match our unit pricing, why is this?

This issue mostly happens when a property is using unit-based pricing, which will only display based on unit availability. The property must proactively adjust the floorplan pricing to stay aligned with your unit ranges. Your Jonah site can be set up to use floorplan feed data in three configurations:

  • Floorplan Data Only
    • This will use pricing as specified per floor plan, NOT unit.
  • Available Apartments and Floorplan Data Combined
    • This will take into even consideration the lowest price and the highest price of either Available Units, or Floorplan pricing to create the price range
  • Available Apartments only, Fallback Floorplan Data
    • This will create a price range based on Available Units only. If no Available Units are present, the site will use Floorplan Data pricing in its place
  • Available Apartments, Fallback Pricing Text (Premium Theme only)
    • This will create a price range based on Available Units only. If no Available Units are present, the site will use 'Contact Us for Pricing' as the pricing display.