What is property integration?

Property integration is where your Jonah site, through an Application Program Interface (API), can connect to your Lease Management (integration solution) company and display either pricing and/or also availability and drive your leads to start an application/lease. We currently support API integration with RealPage (particularly OneSite), ResMan, Entrata, and Yardi.

Can the Jonah site manually update pricing and availability without using integration?

Our products do not independently control pricing and availability data. Our role is display-only based on a data feed that originates from your property's integration solution. If you need to change prices or update availability data, it will need to be done directly through your integration solution. Your Jonah site will update automatically at the next syndication cycle provided all floor plan records are associated at this end. Any changes, especially additions to the floorplan records, to your pricing and availability we encourage you to let us know as part of your process when making updates.

We updated our prices in our integration solution, but our site is not showing our changes, why?

Changes made to the feed data are subject to a syndication cycle where the data gets pulled to your website every few hours. If you make changes to the data feed that need to be pushed sooner, send us an email with your property name and URL to support@jonahsystems.com and request that we run your data feed. Please note that this excludes same-day changes made in LRO, as those are only updated in the late evenings and will not be available to the syndication feed until the following day.

Why are some floorplan data feed only pulled twice per day?

This is limited only to what is automatic. APIs have rate-limits whether explicit or implied that we do our best to respect by pulling data automatically only when necessary, and at the best times of day, the morning and again in the evening. Our experience working with integration solutions and feedback from the multifamily community generally agree that twice per day is sufficient as it virtually guarantees current data at the start of business, with the day's activities being accounted for later that evening.

Can we pull our floorplan data feed manually, or does Jonah have to do it?

Foreseeably, that option will not be available outside of Jonah administrators due to vendor rate-limiting. Our import schedule with respect to your integration solution is limited in the amount of times per day a request can be made to pull the feed data. Generally, feed updates are made at minimum twice per day, morning and evening to account for leases made during business hours, and leases made during off-hours.

Why is pricing on the website not matching the leasing portal and/or missing available units?

There are a few possible reasons for this to be happening:

  • New floorplan records (which contain the unit data) were added to your account that have not been associated to your property site's floorplan drawings, contact support@jonahsystems.com to verify this.
  • Pricing source on the property site may need to be set up differently (see next section on floorplan pricing vs. unit pricing)
  • LRO/revenue management data often publishes once per day only, and will need to wait until next day to verify
  • LRO/revenue management (e.g. Yieldstar) data has a best rate for a hidden lease term that your property does not offer, and is skewing your availability price range. This is usually a configuration item that they will need to address for you

The cause of this will vary depending on client and integration solution being used (including whether or not the property is using floor plan pricing only, or if they are using unit pricing, and/or unit pricing + LRO), so send an email to support@jonahsystems.com with the following details:

  • Floorplan name
  • Unit number (must be available)
  • Expected price and/or price range

*Entrata customers using Yieldstar will have to verify their data with Entrata directly. Entrata does not send a separate rent matrix that we are able to view in the raw data

The price range for a floorplan on our site does not match our unit pricing, why is this?

Traditionally, properties were using floorplan pricing to create a generic range for those plan units in the event no units were available, and the property still wanted to show pricing. The property must proactively adjust the floorplan pricing to stay aligned with their unit ranges. Not all properties follow the same pricing strategy, each integration solution offers a variant of pricing displays that your Jonah site will support:

  • Floorplan Data Only
    • This will use pricing as specified per floor plan, NOT unit. Properties that prefer flat pricing for every unit tend to follow this setup.
  • Available Apartments and Floorplan Data Combined
    • This will take into equal consideration the lowest price and the highest price of either Available Units, or Floorplan pricing to create the price range (e.g. if the Floorplan Data record is priced $500-$1000, but there are available units ranging in price from $499-$999, the website will display the range for the floorplan as $499-$1000)
  • Available Apartments only, Fallback Floorplan Data
    • This will create a price range based on Available Units only. If no Available Units are present, the site will use Floorplan Data pricing in its place
  • Available Apartments, Fallback Pricing Text (major product release in Q4 2017 --- custom sites built prior to 10/16/2017 have this available as a paid upgrade)
    • This will create a price range based on Available Units only. If no Available Units are present, the site will use 'Contact Us for Pricing' as the pricing display.