Our property sites currently support several integration solutions through API feeds. Here is a general guide for how Jonah can assist you with these issues:

Integration solutions that use available unit pricing:

  • Send an email to support@jonahsystems.com with a floorplan name and unit number. Include what the expected price should be for that unit

Integration solutions that use only floorplan pricing:

  • Send an email to support@jonahsystems.com with the floorplan name, and include what the expected pricing should be for that plan

What we will do at Jonah is examine the feed data* and find the source* from where these numbers are generated. We will then make sure that the floorplan data on your website is correctly associated to the feed data. More often than not, this will resolve any pricing discrepancies if associations are missing. If not, we can then further advise you on what to tell your property integration specialist in order to resolve the issue.

*Jonah Systems does not in any way determine/manage/edit floorplan pricing or unit pricing. All pricing and availability information is with the property integration/leasing management solution employed by the property.